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As a full service agency, there isn't much we don't do!

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Ok, so we can’t fold ourselves to fit into a suitcase, but we do bend over backwards for our clients.

Every business and client is different and this affects what works for them and what doesn't. At Teds Room we will work closely with you to understand your business, what you like and what you want to achieve and create something which is unique to you.

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We built Teknomek a website that will keep them well ahead of their competition.

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Client Testimonials

Carl and the team at Ted’s Room have really taken time to get to know our business, so the advice and creative work we get back is always perfect for us. The team are friendly and approachable and a pleasure to work with.

We have worked with Teds Room for a number of years and in that time Carl and the team have shown the ability to deliver creative projects on time and within budgets. They never lose sight of the original brief, but use their understanding of our business to give us valuable marketing advice that is always on point.

Teds Room have always proven themselves to be quick and efficient at turning around jobs, and the fact that they take the time to understand the strict manufacturer guidelines we have to adhere to means I have the utmost confidence in their work.

I’ve always found Teds Room to be a professional, friendly and knowledgable agency and to top it off they always come to us with fresh, new ideas. We have a long standing relationship with Carl and the team and would always recommend them to anyone looking for a marketing agency who delivers but without the nonsense!

The start of something wonderful

It's like the story goes. Business meets agency, sparks fly, the magic happens and
the business grows. It’s almost romantic!
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